FreeLite is more than just a reliable skylight company.

We promise you an outstanding customer experience from our first conversation through the completion of your project and beyond. Simply expect the best.

Expect the Best from Us

For more than 30 years we have been installing and servicing skylights in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Experience not only translates into quality work, but quality service and customer satisfaction. Learn more About us.

At FreeLite we understand the complexities involved in working with different structures and layouts, and that every customer we work with has different needs, likes and expectations. We know that your home and business are your greatest investments; a result of hard work; a source of pride – something we keep in mind with every installation. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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What We Do

Residential and Commercial

Since coming to Dallas in 1981, FreeLite has been a leader in residential skylight installations with a long history of innovative skylight design.

Each skylight installation is unique to fit your home. Our custom designs open your spaces and bring a welcome natural light source. Find out more about residential skylights.

Our teams have installed, replaced and repaired skylights in churches, hotels, atriums, office buildings, warehouses, condominiums, shopping malls – you name it – all across the country. Our traveling team will provide a written estimate for your project and we guarantee our work. Learn more about commercial skylights.

Free Estimates

We will meet with you to see your space and offer the design ideas and options most suitable. We make sure to discuss with our customers their needs and goals. We consider not only the amount and quality of light, but how the skylight will affect the flow and feel of your home.

Each home is different and provides its own set of limitations and possibilities. Our installation team knows how to over come those challenges and take advantage of the assets that your home offers. We will help you decide which skylight will get the results you are looking for - more light and a more enjoyable space for your home!

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