The Skylight Effect

The benefits of skylights extend beyond our environment to our own personal well-being. The increase in natural light that a skylight provides can have a variety of physical and psychological benefits. Skylights help to not only bring new life to a room, but also improve our health and happiness as well. Natural lighting can also be an important tool in attaining sustainability.

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Why Install a Skylight?

Reduced energy consumption. The lessened dependency on artificial lighting can help reduce the use of electricity by as much as 10% and lower heating bills.

Reduction of mildew or mold buildup. Most diseases, especially chronic respiratory problems, are often associated with bacterial and fungal buildup in damp areas such as basements and bathrooms. Natural lighting can naturally lessen the production of harmful organisms. Sunlight is considered to be one of the best natural disinfectants.

Healthy dose of vitamin D. Ample amounts of sunlight can prevent vitamin D and B1 deficiencies that may cause diseases such as rickets and beriberi.

Improved performance due to change in working environment. Many case studies have been conducted that show significant improvements in employee performance where natural lighting has been introduced into their work environment.

Increased visual appeal to interiors. Natural illumination is still the best type of lighting system used in interior design. It can be a challenging, yet rewarding task to successfully incorporate natural light into a structure or building. Daylight provides better aesthetics, better color, better definition of space, and highlights architectural details.

Experience Natual Lighting

Before and After a Skylight installation in a bathroom.

White translucent acrylic transmits more light than heat. When the sun shines on the white acrylic dome, the light is transmitted into the room evenly and consistently. This creates a soft, cool light with minimal glare that brings out the natural colors of a room. Transparent glazing, such as bronze acrylic or low e* coated insulated glass, will let in more heat than light. Because the light from the sun travels through the transparent material with little obstruction, the intensity of the sun's radient heat passes right through into the area below. Adding a layer of diffusing white translucent acrylic reduces more heat than light. We guarantee the light to heat ratio of your choice with white acrylic glazing.