New Skylight Installations

Since coming to Dallas in 1981, FreeLite has been a leader in residential skylight installations with a long history of innovative skylight design. We design our skylights to maximize both your light and your space. Each skylight installation is unique to fit your home, and blends in with the structure as though it was part of the original design. Welcome a new source of natural light in a bigger brighter space.

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An Installation to Fit Your Home

Adding a skylight to your kitchen, living room, or master bath? We can help you make the room look and feel so much bigger by raising part of the ceiling around the skylight and really opening up the space! You'll be amazed by how the room feels.

There are lots of things to consider when adding a skylight: What size dome will get me the right amount of light? Does the color of the dome matter? Should I add shades to my skylight?

What to Expect from Your Free Consultation

Our sales professional visits your business and residence to view the room in which you’d like to add a skylight. He will personally inspect your attic to see if there are any obstructions such as duct-work or pipes, and estimate the distance from the roof to the ceiling. From the interior attic space, he can see how the structure of your home, location and height of any gables, and ridges of your roof can be incorporated into the skylight design in order to get you the results – and the natural light – you are looking for.